Needle Disposal

Banner image for needle disposal guide

Drug and needle debris is a challenging issue for Red Deer, but our community is not alone. Cities across the globe are tackling this issue with strategies to ensure individuals and communities are as safe and healthy as possible.

Needles are used by people with specific health conditions and addictions. Safe disposal of these needles reduces the chances of injury. The majority of needles in our community are disposed of safely by the people who have used them, however, there is still work to be done to respond to community needle debris. People who use needles and the community at large have a shared responsibility for safe disposal.

A number of Red Deer agencies and community members have come together as the Public Injection & Debris Committee, a subcommittee of the Downtown Community Development Committee, to address the growing concern of drug and needle debris.

The committee uses The Red Deer Alcohol & Drug Strategy as its guide to ensure people who use needles can access safe disposal options, and that drug and needle debris in the community is dealt with promptly and safely.

Read Red Deer's Needle Disposal Guide (pdf)