One Time Housing Solutions Project

Ending homelessness and ensuring housing for all is about more than providing affordable housing. It is about creating a community environment that is accepting and tolerant. It is also about fostering healthy relationships through well thought out, solution-focused and action-oriented projects.

The City’s role through this fund is to work collaboratively with community groups to facilitate and plan housing solutions that will enhance the quality of life for individuals and families, and build a healthier community. To be considered, projects must be one-time in nature and respect the recommendations of the EveryOne’s Home – Red Deer’s Vision and Framework on ending Homelessness by 2018.

Apply to fund your project by completing the Housing Solutions Application Form (pdf) and submitting it to the Social Planning department by fax 403-342-8222 or by email to

Questions can be directed to:

Roxana Nielsen Stewart
Supervisor – Community Development