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Do you work in the building industry? Have questions about new permitting requirements at The City of Red Deer?

Applying for permits, tracking progress of those permits, and paying for permits got a major overhaul this November in our department. Over the past months, The City has been working on a new system that consolidates all land related information, with the intent of helping you streamline your business with The City.

Overview of the Changes

Development permits (DP) are being required for most types of development prior to getting a building permit. This will take an extra few days, but having the DP ahead of time will make sure that all of the Land Use Bylaw requirements are met. The majority of municipalities require DPs for all types of development. The charge is $93 for a DP.

We do not invoice anymore. After your application is complete, you can pay in person, or online using a credit card with MyCity, our new online service. Once your permit is paid for, you will get an email to tell you your folder # (formerly called Permit #) and your access code for that permit. You can then go online to MyCity and print off your permit.

Through MyCity, you can track your permit, book inspections, pay fees and share permit information with other contractors on a project. Visit to sign up.

Timelines: Acknowledging time is money, timelines will not change for those who have always required a development permit, and will increase by just three days for a typical application that previously required a building permit only. Foundation permits will take three days to be issued, rather than being issued immediately at the counter.

Application process: The process is unchanged for those who have always required a development permit. The application form will include two to be submitted simultaneously. The information required will remain the same, with the addition of the ERCB form (found online) and a copy of up-to-date Land Titles Certificate.

Approving authority: The DP application will still be approved by a Development Officer if it complies with all regulations in the Land Use Bylaw. There is no requirement to advertise.  If variances are required, then it will still be put through the same process, based on the level of variance. Advertising would then be required. The City will be able to attach conditions to a DP such as recovering costs associated with damage to municipal infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

If filling out accounts online, will the system tell you if you’ve missed something?

  • Missing information in required fields are highlighted to users.
  • No prompt is provided to users for optional fields.

Multiple permits – does each have to be paid for individually?

  • No, multiple permits do not have to be paid for individually. You can add multiple permits to the shopping cart online and pay for them all at once as long as no individual invoice is more than $5,000.
  • Multiple permits can be paid for in person as well.

What if your permits total more than $5,000?

  • Any fee / invoice of $5,000 or more cannot be paid by credit card. If your financial institution allows, you can pay invoices greater than $5,000 online with Interac.
  • Individual invoices greater than $5,000 can be paid by cheque, cash or Interac at City Hall.

If you duplicate a permit, will the system know and tell you?

  • No. For example, if you add two electrical permits to the same property the system will not identify more than one electrical permit at that location.
  • Customers can view the permits taken for a property online through MyCity and if multiple permits are identified the Inspections & Licensing Departments should be contacted.

Will the system help ensure the correct address is entered?

  • When registering MyCity profile the address entered is not verified by the system.
  • Internally, when an address is provided on an application form, staff choose the correct address from the existing addresses in the system.

Can we still email permits in?

  • Yes


For questions about our online service  MyCity, call 403-342-8111.

For questions about changes to permitting, please attend one of the customer sessions above, or contact 403-342-8190 or