Basement and Renovation Permit

Do I need a permit to develop my basement or complete renovations in my existing residence? Find out what you need before you get started.

Basement & Renovation Permits

You will need a Building Permit to:

  • develop or renovate your basement
  • add, move or remove interior walls
  • complete a full interior renovation
  • enlarge window sizes
  • replace kitchen cupboards

You will not need a Building Permit to:

  • paint walls
  • replace flooring
  • replace counter tops
  • replace shingles or siding 

To apply for a Building Permit for your basement or renovation, you’ll need:

  • Building Permit Application (pdf)
  • Basement Application Requirement List (pdf)
  • 2 floor plans that include:
    • all room sizes
    • what each room is to be used for
    • window sizes
    • total square footage
    • smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm locations
    • location of walls to be added or removed (if applicable)
      • Note: If the wall to be removed is a load bearing wall, a stamped engineered drawing is required.

You may also need:

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when designing your floor plan:

  • Bedroom windows must be easy to open, unobstructed and at least 540 square inches in size, with no dimension less than 15 inches (width or height).
  • The furnace room must be separated from the rest of the floor area, with a door 32 inches wide and interconnected alarms to each level.

Once your permit is ready to go, you’ll need to start your development within 90 days of the permit being issued, and a safety codes inspection is required. You can schedule your inspection using MyInspections.

For more information, call Inspections & Licensing at 403-342-8190 or visit us on the third floor of City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.