Firearms Permits

Discharging a firearm within Red Deer city limits is prohibited by The City of Red Deer Firearms Bylaw 3409/2008 (pdf) , however a Firearms Permit may be granted to allow the discharge of a firearm under circumstances such as:

  • Pest control
  • Scientific research
  • Archery or firearm practice
  • Historic or other similar events

How to apply for a Firearms Permit

Fill out a Firearms Permit Application (pdf)  You will be required to submit the following for review by the Inspections & Licensing Manager:

  • Applicant Information
    The City requires your full name, the name of the organization you represent, your address, and your contact information.
  • Discharge Information
    The City takes citizens’ safety very seriously, therefore we require detailed information about your firearm discharge in order to make an informed decision about issuing a permit. You will be required to provide the location, date and time of the discharge, as well as the number of people who are expected to be at the discharge. The permit will only be valid for the dates and time specified on your application form. You must also include on your application, the type and registration number of the firearm to be discharged, and the names of all those who intend to use the firearm. In addition, you will need to provide details on the reason for the firearm discharge and all provisions for public safety that will be taken.
  • Applicant Declaration
    Your declaration as the applicant also ensures safety for you and The City. In signing the declaration, you agree to assume all liability for any issues that may arise from the firearm discharge. You also agree to adhere to all applicable City bylaws. By understanding your obligations under this permit and complying with all the terms and conditions, you will be better able to protect yourself from prosecution.
  • Authorization
    There are three types of authorization required for your Firearms Permit: your authorization of any special conditions The City requires, the RCMP’s authorization that your request is within reason, and the Inspections & Licensing Manager’s authorization of the Firearms Permit.
  • Documentation
    The following documentation is required:
    • Firearms Permit Application (pdf)
    • A copy of the Special Event Permit if your firearm discharge is to be on City property as part of an event
    • A copy of your Liability Insurance certificate in the amount of $2 million
    • A copy of your Firearm registration
    • A copy of your Firearm license
    • Any other documentation that The City deems necessary to approve your application