Alarm Permit

An Alarm Permit is required to operate an alarm system in Red Deer, for both residents and businesses.

Why does The City have an Alarm Bylaw?

City Council has the authority under the Municipal Government Act to enact bylaws that respect the health and welfare of the people and protect property. Council deems it necessary to regulate alarm systems in buildings and residences in order to minimize false alarms and to protect and preserve the well being of its citizens.

Do I require an Alarm Permit?

An Alarm Permit is required to operate an alarm system in Red Deer.

Permits are available through the City of Red Deer Cashiers, Main Floor, City Hall. The cost is $25 for either residential or business. Permits are non-transferable to a new building or to a new owner.

Is there a penalty if I do not have an Alarm Permit?

Yes, a fine of $50 will be charged for the first offence and $250 for the second and subsequent offences.

Can an alarm company install an alarm system before I receive my Alarm Permit?

No, an alarm company or its employees can’t install an alarm system unless the owner or occupant has a valid Alarm Permit. Should this occur, a fine of $50 to $250 will result.

Is there a response fee if the RCMP are dispatched to my home or business?

Yes, the City of Red Deer charges a response fee of $20 for residences and $40 to $60 for businesses when the RCMP respond to an alarm signal where unauthorized entry has not occurred and no police emergency exists.

Is there a penalty if I have too many false alarms?

Yes, if you have more than three (3) false alarms in any six (6) month period, your permit will be revoked and use of your alarm system prohibited. Payment of a fee of $200 is required to reinstate your permit.

Do I need keyholders?

After an alarm, it is desirable to inspect the premise as soon as possible to determine if unlawful entry has occurred. Owners or their designates are required to attend the premise within twenty (20) minutes. Keyholder lists should be reviewed regularly, with any changes reported to your alarm monitoring company.

Where can I get more information?

View the Alarm Bylaw 3194/98 (pdf) for more information.