Timberlands North

Timberlands North is located in the city's northeast quadrant, along 67th Street and 30th Avenue and features a Town Centre with mixed use commercial, live-work residential space and services for the neighbourhood's residents. The subdivision upholds The City's Neighbourhood Planning Principles and is a well-connected, visually appealing and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood.

Timberlands North‌

map showing where Timberlands North is in Red Deer Timberlands North is the newest City of Red Deer subdivision, divided in to two phases. This community has unique features, new housing types and enhanced community amenities. Check out the Timberlands North Brochure (pdf) for more detailed information on why Timberlands North is the right community for you.

Phase A

  • Phase A includes 98 lots: 23 Single Detached (R1) lots and 75 Single Detached - Carriage House (R1C) lots. 
  • These lots are currently available for purchase.
  • See Timberlands North Phase A Map (pdf) for full details. 

Phase B

Ready to Buy?

The Timberlands North Information Package (pdf)

  • Neighbourhood Design information
  • Subdivision Phasing
  • Additional Information on Housing Types: Carriage Homes, Wide-Shallow
  • Lot Purchasing Process
  • How to Meet Architectural Controls and Grading Certificates

To learn more about site coverage, frontages and parking requirements of Timberlands North lots, visit Land Use Bylaw: Part 4 - Residential Districts and Regulations.

If you have purchased a lot in Timberlands North, below are details that you should be aware of during the planning and construction phases.

Timberlands North - Purchaser Information


Builders will be required to adhere to the Grading Slip, which is provided by the Architectural Control Review Agent - IBI Group. Prior to pouring footings, the builder must have their Top of Footing Grades verified by one of the following:

  1. Land Surveyor Practitioner (as that term is used in the Land Surveyors Act R.S.A. 2000 c. L-3).
  2. Professional Engineer (as that term is used in the Engineering Geological and Geophysical Professionals Act R.S.A. 200 c E-11).
  3. Registered Architect (as that term is used in the Architects Act R.S.A 200 c. A-44).

Timberlands North Top of Footing Certificate (pdf) must be completed by one of the above professionals and submitted by the builder to the Licensing & Inspections department before a building permit can be issued.

Architectural Controls

The enhanced architectural controls are designed to reflect a unique image and design character, with a focus on walkable streets, diverse housing types and pleasing integration of commercial, residential and green spaces. The architectural controls established for Timberlands North will maintain the integrity of the development and ensure that each home adds value to the community.

Timberlands North Architectural Controls (pdf)

The City of Red Deer has contracted IBI Group to review and approve all architectural components. All information is to be submitted via their website: www.archcontrol.com. The booklet above provides information on how to properly submit.

Sample Agreements

These sample agreements have been provided to allow for interested parties to review. Please note they are not official.

Single Lot Land Sales Agreement (pdf)