Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan

The Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was updated in 2016. Please see About Riverlands for the most current information.

The Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) (pdf)  and Land Use Bylaw 3357/2006 - Part 10 - Riverlands Districts and Development Standards (pdf) were adopted by City Council in December 2016 and builds on years of planning and public input. The plan:

  • Presents a clear vision for Riverlands redevelopment.
  • Incorporates new ideas for major civic gathering spaces and arts and cultural facilities.
  • Provides for improved pedestrian and vehicular connections between Riverlands and the rest of Greater Downtown.
  • Outlines a phased implementation program with strategic public investments to attract private development.
  • Refines the development design criteria to ensure quality development. 


The vision for Riverlands starts with the recognition that The City of Red Deer owns an outstanding piece of real estate within this area and has a once in a lifetime opportunity to direct the development of a model downtown riverfront community. The vision has evolved consistently since Riverlands was first envisioned in the Greater Downtown Action Plan.

Today’s vision for Riverlands is to create a landmark mixed used neighbourhood in the downtown core that combines medium to high-density housing, commercial development and public gathering areas, and enhances and improves connections to the area’s natural features and the river.

Guiding Principles

Great Streets

Provide lively streets – great streets with multiple types of use, and with people interacting amidst bustling stores, offices, shops, restaurants, public buildings and open spaces. These ‘complete streets’ should place a greater emphasis on the needs of pedestrians, bicycle and transit users as compared to typical suburban streets.

Great Places

Design buildings, outdoor spaces, and informal spaces to enhance positive interaction among residents and visitors. The great spaces of Riverlands should be a first choice for community gatherings.

Great Connections

Connect Riverlands through attractive natural and constructed pathways, to the Downtown core, Waskasoo Park Trails and districts outside the core.


Build a neighbourhood that is a place for all citizens, with a wide variety of buildings, facilities and indoor and outdoor amenities – a place of innovation, new ideas, and exploration.


Celebrate the fact that Red Deer originated at its river crossings; Respond to the history that is embedded in the layout, the buildings and natural areas in Riverlands.


With its existing natural and built infrastructure, Riverlands is inherently sustainable. Higher density and lower per-capita resource use can be achieved through Smart Growth development.