Other Planning Documents

The following are non-statutory plans, studies and documents that Council has accepted or adopted by resolution to act as planning tools.
Planning Hierarchy

Red Deer Vision 2020- Vision Statement and Planning Principles 1991 (pdf)

  • The Vision 2020 program was created by Alberta Municipal Affairs to encourage municipalities to set long range (30 year) planning objectives. This document contains seven planning principles that the MDP incorporates and builds on.

52 Avenue Land Use Designation Study- Sept 2004 (pdf)

  • This study examined industrial land uses along 52 Avenue between 67 and 69 Street regarding their potential redesignation for commercial uses.

East Hill Town Centre Design Guidelines- Feb 2009 (pdf)

  • These design guidelines are referenced in the Land Use Bylaw’s Direct Control District No. 27 [subsection 4(a)(ii)] to guide development of the Clearview Market area.

Landfill Reclamation Concept Plan- Nov 1999 (pdf)

  • This concept plan illustrates potential land uses on the closed landfill site on N ½ Sec 33-37-27-W4.

Michener Centre Development and Subdivision Guidelines- Oct 1998 (pdf)

  • This document provides guidelines for what issues need to be addressed in future planning and redevelopment of four areas within the Michener Centre lands.

River Valley and Tributaries Park Concept Plan - July 2010 (Part 1 - Text) (pdf)
River Valley and Tributaries Park Concept Plan - July 2010 (Part 2 - Figures) (pdf)

  • This concept plan was jointly created by The City and Red Deer County to identify lands along waterways suited for potential trails and parks within the City’s growth area.

Taylor Drive Planning and Development Guidelines - between 67 Street and 65 Avenue - May 2002 (pdf)

  • These guidelines reflect agreements on future access, land use, and municipal reserve (MR) for an area along the west side of 65 Avenue north of 67 Street that is transitioning from industrial to commercial uses.

Red Deer Commercial Opportunities Study (pdf)

  • This study forecasts prospects for retail/service and office development in the City, in order to help the City define a vision for commercial growth over the long term.