Steps to Starting a Business

The prospect of starting a business is an exciting and demanding time for entrepreneurs. All new businesses should consider the development of a business plan as their first step.

Links and resources to help you start a business

 You can also visit Alberta Small Business Resources for more information.

  1. Develop a business plan. Need help? contact Community Futures to connect with experts.
  2. Complete your market research. 
  3. Obtain financial commitment before proceeding with start-up costs.
  4. Register your business name with Corporate Registry.
  5. Visit BizPaL to find out what permits and licenses you need to start your business.
  6. Click on the Licensing section for Red Deer-specific license and permit information.  
  7. Contact Canada Revenue Agency for info on corporate income tax and GST. 
  8. Register your company with the Workers' Compensation Board
  9. Contact Canada Revenue Agency to obtain an employer's account number for Unemployment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan deductions.
  10. If you employ five or more people, register with the Alberta Health Insurance Plan
  11. Ensure that you comply with the pertinent labour regulations by contacting the Employment Standards Branch of Alberta Human Services.
  12. Contact the Government of Alberta if assistance is required to locate and/or train new employees.
  13. Ensure that all health regulations that relate to your business have been investigated.
  14. Obtain appropriate insurance, leases and other operating needs.
  15. Ensure that all environmental issues that affect your business have been investigated.

For more information on business start-up and development, contact the Land & Economic Development department.