Project: Update the Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw is being reviewed over the next five years to provide greater clarity and consistency in an easy to read, updated document that reflects contemporary land use planning and development practices.

Land Use Bylaw Review

Why is The City reviewing the Land Use Bylaw?

Since the Land Use Bylaw creates a “rule book” for development, it is very important it is regularly updated to make sure the rules are reasonable, effective, and reflect new trends in building and site design. As it is a multi-year project, the Land Use Bylaw review will be divided into projects (in no particular order):

  • Sign Review;
  • Parking Review;
  • Landscaping and Design Review;
  • Development Standards Review; and
  • Land Use District Review.

What is a Land Use Bylaw?

A Land Use Bylaw (or LUB) is a document developed by each municipality in Alberta that outlines the rules in which land can be used and developed. This is done by dividing The City into land use districts, or zones, (e.g. commercial, industrial, and residential) and lists the types of land uses that can happen in each district, where buildings can be located, how high buildings can be, the amount of landscaping and parking that must be provided, and much more.

How does the Land Use Bylaw review impact me?

Whether you are a resident, business owner or manager, or landowner in Red Deer, changes to the LUB may affect you in a number of ways. The LUB provides the rules on what you can build and where, and what types of uses may occur on your property and those next to you, and shapes the future of the city. For these reasons, it is very important that you be involved throughout the LUB review and provide your comments and suggestions.

Sign Review - Underway

The Sign Review is the first project in the LUB review. Signage is an important element to everyday life from the resident looking for a service or trying to advertise an upcoming garage sale, to the business owner/manager trying to grab attention by making their location and services visible. The LUB regulates the safety, location, placement, quantity, size, shape, height and type of signs in all commercial, industrial, and residential districts (zones) throughout the city. The LUB needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changing needs yet still make sure signage is respectful, safe, and complementary to the surrounding landscape.

To view the current sign rules, please read LUB Sections 3.3 and 3.4. (pdf)

How to Participate

We are committed to ensuring everyone has their say in the review, and that feedback is considered along with other factors updating the LUB. Your ongoing input is encouraged:

  • Check back here regularly to learn what’s new and how you can provide your input.
  • Keep an eye out in local media to learn about input opportunities.
  • Registered landowners will receive mail outs when the topic is specific to their area.
  • Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions:

    Jolene Tejkl, Senior Planner
    LUB Review Project Lead
    Phone: 403-406-8700

Sign Review Open House

Thank you to everyone who came out to the July 11th open house, we had some great conversations and are currently reviewing the comments provided to us. If you weren’t able to make it to the open house, or you want a refresher of what was presented, the open house display boards and the Q&A handout are available for viewing below.

2017 Red Deer Sign Research - Summary of Results (pdf)  
Sign Bylaw Review - Display Boards (pdf)
Sign Bylaw Review - Q&A Handout (pdf)