Community Energy and Emissions Plan

We need to reduce energy use and emissions in Red Deer, but first we are looking to the community to help us set targets and strategies that are achievable – ones that will make a difference. That’s right, we need your help to build a plan that you can get on board with. We want to know what changes you’re willing to make as a student, homeowner, cyclists, diesel truck driver or local business, to name a few. We want you to help us figure out how best to reduce our community energy use and emissions.

Reducing community emissions and energy use

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Why does it matter? Increased air pollution, climate change and the changing landscape of the energy production in our world is forcing us to think differently about how we balance sustainability and the needs of our community.

Public Participation

We are looking to the public for their help to shape a community energy use and emissions plan. We will conduct community workshops, interviews, focus groups and surveys. How can you be part of the conversation?

Current and Upcoming opportunities: 

Public ParticipationTentative TimingProgress
Stakeholder Workshops
Stakeholder workshops were hosted to get input on achievable strategies and targets. Workshops aimed to get input and feedback specifically from local organizations, business owners, industry and local non-government organizations. More than 100 stakeholders were invited to participate.
Dec 2015 – Feb 2016 Complete
Community Focus Group
Citizen focused public participation where representative citizens will be asked what strategies and targets they believe are achievable and realistic.
Validation Survey – Let’s Talk 2016
We will reach out to citizens at The City’s annual Let’s Talk event, which is hosted each year in the mall. We will check our recommended targets and strategies with citizens to ensure their thoughts and feedback are represented. We want to make sure we got it right.
April 9  Complete
Online Validation Survey
Citizens will be able to go online to share their thoughts and feedback about the proposed targets and strategies. We want to make sure we got it right and that the strategies and targets we intend to implement match up with what we heard during the public participation process.

Please refer to our Q and A Backgrounder - CEEP section for more information.

Contact Information

Lauren Maris
Environmental Services
The City of Red Deer