What Moves You? Integrated Movement Study

You’ve got places to go every day. How you get there is about choices. We’ve talked with thousands of Red Deerians about driving, taking transit, walking, and cycling in Red Deer. How we get around must reflect who we are and how we want to live.

Moving Together

The Integrated Movement Study (pdf) looks at how we move in the city today, and how we want to move and live as we continue to grow.

Mobility Playbook

Cover of the Mobility PlaybookInspired by a traditional sports playbook, the Mobility Playbook (pdf) has three chapters:

Ready - Why Red Deer is ready for integrated mobility

Set - Existing opportunities and challenges

Go! - The key plays that in unison will help The City create a more balanced, sustainable and integrated transportation system for all Red Deerians.

Who had input into the Mobility Playbook?

We rolled out a comprehensive transit survey, collected extensive feedback on the Commuter Bike Pilot Project, and the Ross Street Experiment. In addition to city-led initiatives, 80 Cities conducted focus groups and workshops with community members, including elected officials, city stakeholders, older adults, business leaders, newcomers, children, and parents, to help inform the creation of the Mobility Playbook.

Next Steps

From Strategic Direction through the Integrated Movement Study to Trails, Transit and Transportation Master Plans.Council’s Strategic Direction informed the development and undertaking of the Integrated Movement Study and this Mobility Playbook. This document will inform subsequent planning documents that, while more technical and detailed in scope, will reflect the priorities and values identified in the Playbook.

Nike's Designed to Move campaign recently featured The City of Red Deer in a report to city leaders highlighting exemplary active cities. Read the report here.