Why Red Deer is ready for integrated mobility.

Red Deer's population will double in 20 years

This presents new challenges and opportunities for the city. Where people live, how they move around in the city and quality of life are intrinsically linked, so it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach. It is key to build on Red Deer’s assets like short commuting distances and access to nature, while addressing problems such as a lack of independent mobility for non-drivers. It is crucial to act now while the city is growing. Red Deer is ready.

The top things you told us you value most in your city

Map of Basic Red Deer Facts1. The overall quality of life

This was ranked as the most important aspect of living in Red Deer. This encompasses many things: time with family, nature and financial security.

2. Active living and recreation

Ranked as the second most important aspect of Red Deer life, the trails and the natural landscape are on Red Deer’s doorstep.

3. Economy

As the third most important aspect of city life in Red Deer, the employment and affordability of the city is at the centre of what makes it great.

Want to know more about why Red Deer is ready?

Check out chapter one of the Mobility Playbook (pdf) .