Safety Charter

Goal of the Charter

Enable and promote a safer community.

Promoting a safe community through active citizen participation in crime prevention has changed the perception of crime and the downtown, decreased drug trafficking, drug use and related criminal activity, reduced violence, and strengthened relationships and belonging resulting from the elevation of preventative activities.

Key Strategies

  1. Crime Prevention and Policing Study Implementation and Strategy Development – implement a “made in Red Deer” crime prevention approach based on the community crime prevention continuum and Strategic Framework. There is a newly formed Community Safety Strategy that will be developing a strategic plan for crime prevention and community safety, a funding model and distribution process for community safety projects, and a governance structure for community based crime prevention and community safety model. Read more about the .
  2. Development of a Social Policy Framework – The City of Red Deer is developing a that will influence decisions, resources and actions where it comes to social policy – which includes such areas as housing, accessibility and diversity.
  3. Mental Health project – this is a partnership between the RCMP and the Primary Care Network. A Police and Crisis Team (PACT) was developed in 2013 and has been working very well. This is a two-person team consisting of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and an RCMP officer. The team responds to calls involving individuals / families experiencing a mental health, addiction, or psychological crisis, especially when they are danger to themselves or the public. Currently, there is work being done to increase their capacity by adding more PACT teams.
  4. Drug and Alcohol Roadmap for a Healthy Community – complete and being implemented by community organizations. View the Red Deer Alcohol and Drug Strategy (pdf) and the Red Deer Alcohol and Drug Strategy Summary (pdf) .
  5. Downtown Community Development Project – stakeholders, businesses and the Downtown Business Association (DBA) have come together and developed Downtown Community Development Committee to develop a strategy that responds to social issues downtown, engages key stakeholders to resolve issues, enhances relationships among businesses, social agencies, residents and the general public, and maps resources to assist in resolving issues.

Annual Policing Plan

Red Deer RCMP in consultation with The City of Red Deer Council and administration develops an Annual Policing Plan. The objectives outlined in the plan reflect The City and RCMP’s policing priorities. RCMP reports back to City Council and the community on a quarterly basis.

Reduce the Impact of Organized Crime
  • Assess the level of criminal network disruption.
Reduce Crimes Against Persons
  • Identify and monitor high risk Domestic Violence Offenders.
  • Identify and monitor Prolific Offenders.
Reduce Property Crime
  • Quarterly Fraud presentations and media releases.
Contribute to Safer Youth
  • Identify and work with High Risk Youth between the ages of 12 - 17 years in order to build relationships and reduce potential victimization /criminality.
  • Identify and work with Chronic Missing Youth (5) to reduce related calls for service, build relationships and reduce potential victimization.
Contribute to Safe Roads
  • A 5% decrease in injury accidents by targeting the root cause at identified high crash locations.
  • A 5% increase in Impaired Driving charges.

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