Alberta Emergency Alert

Disasters can occur anywhere, at anytime. It is your responsibility to ensure you are prepared if a disaster occurs.

Public Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Disasters can occur anywhere, at anytime. Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to assist you by providing critical information about an immediate emergency situation including where it is occurring and what action you need to take.

Alerts are distributed to the public through various outlets including:

  • Radio and television
  • Internet
  • RSS Feed
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Road Signage

When emergencies are occurring or have the potential to occur in your area, get more information and take immediate action to protect yourself and your family.

For more information, visit Alberta Emergency Alert.

How to connect with Alberta Emergency Alert

The public can follow Alberta Emergency Alert on Facebook & Twitter:


Twitter: AB_EmergAlert

Alerts directly to your mobile device

Mobile device users can sign-up to receive alerts directly to their device.