Cremation and Columbaria

Cremation burial options are provided including in ground and above ground columbarium niche.

Cremation burial

For those who favour cremation, there are a number of options within that choice, including:

  • Single burial of cremated remains in a cremation lot – flat markers
  • Double burial of cremated remains in a cremation lot – upright memorial
  • Burial of a maximum of four cremated remains in a full-sized lot
  • Scattering of cremated remains on common garden set aside for such purpose
  • Placement of urns containing cremated remains in a columbarium niche
  • Burial of cremated remains of a spouse with a predeceased veteran in the Field of Honour


The columbaria at Alto Reste Cemetery and Red Deer Cemetery are free-standing units designed to be a respectful and attractive resting place for cremated remains. Vases are available at Cemetery Services for those who wish to adorn the door of their loved one’s niche.

To ensure readability and aesthetics, Red Deer cemeteries adhere to professional engraving standards for the columbarium unit. Font sizes, styles and layout are consistent throughout each unit.

For more information, please contact Cemetery Services at 403-342-8303 or email