Jane's Walk

Jane’s Walk is a global movement of free, local walking tours. The tours are open to everyone, and get people out exploring their neighbourhoods and meeting their neighbours, talking about what matters to them in the places they live and work. In 2017 the walks are on May 5, 6 and 7.

What is Jane's Walk?

Find details on future walks at www.janeswalk.org/canada/reddeer.Orange text reads

Jane's Walks:

  • Encourage residents to explore their city through walking conversations about the joys and challenges of living or working in Red Deer.
  • Are free, locally-led walks designed to help people get to know our community, its issues and each other better.
  • Can be about almost any topic you can think of. Walks can be serious or funny, informative or exploratory; they can look at the history of a place, or at what’s happening there right now.

Jane's Walk participants cross a bridge over the Red Deer River in 2014In Red Deer we have held walks on everything from how Red Deer’s development style affects senior citizens to public art to walking school buses. But they could also be on gender issues, politics, social justice or just about anything else you can think of.

Where more traditional tours are a bit like walking lectures, a Jane’s Walk is more of a walking conversation. Leaders share their knowledge, but also encourage discussion and participation among the walkers.

In 2016, there were more than 1,000 walks in more than 212 cities across six continents.

We celebrate Jane's Walk annually on the first full weekend in May to acknowledge the work done in the Built Environment focus area of our Environmental Master Plan, and its goal to create vital, well-integrated, compact communities that minimize negative environmental impacts.

Call for walk leaders

Anyone can lead a Jane's Walk because everyone knows something about where they live.

Organizing a walk is easy: all you need is a theme, a meeting point, a route, a date and time, and then to register it online by April 28, 2017 at www.janeswalk.org/canada/reddeer.

Walks can focus on almost any aspect of a neighbourhood and almost any topic. They can be serious or funny, informative or exploratory; they can look at the history of a place or what's happening there right now.

The possible themes are limitless, including:

  • preservation
  • revitalizationCity Archivist Michael Dawe leads a Jane's Walk in 2013.
  • public art
  • green spaces
  • urban farms
  • the lives of recent immigrants
  • political or environmental issues that impact urban residents

To find more information, visit www.janeswalk.org/canada/reddeer.