World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day on September 22 is about making an effort to leave your vehicle at home, hop on your bike, try transit, take a walk or carpool. Reduce emissions, air pollution, stress – and your waistline. Red Deer Transit is free on World Car Free Day!

What is World Car Free Day?

World Car Free Day - The City of Red DeerIt started in Europe in the 1990’s as Car Free Day with the goal of reducing car dependency and ultimately reducing air pollution. In 2000 it became a global initiative where cities around the world encouraged their residents to go vehicle free by finding alternative ways to get around.

For one day, park your vehicle and get to work (or anywhere else) by a different mode of transportation. Here is how:

  • Plan your route. Check out the tips for going car free (pdf) to help get started.
  • Take transit. Learn the ins and outs and determine your route by using Google Maps to map your ride or call Transit for help.
  • Combine transit and cycling by using the bike and ride system.
  • Red Deer has an extensive trail system: plan a car-free route and walk or ride your bicycle.
  • Find a carpool partner or form a carpool to your destination at

What are the benefits of going car free?

  • Save an average of 2.6 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per person by choosing to walk, cycle, take transit or carpool for one day.
  • Cycling or walking are good for your health.