Composting at Home Program

The Composting at Home Program gives Red Deer residents all the tools, training and support they need to start composting.

2018 Composting at Home Program

Registration for the 2018 Composting at Home program starts March 1. Register now.

About the Composting at Home Program

200 participants will receive all the tools, training and support they need to start composting at home. To participate in the program you must:

  • Live in the City of Red Deer
  • Not be currently composting but want to learn how, and not participated previously in the program
  • Attend a 2.5 hour workshop
  • Commit to compost for one year
  • Report on results as requested by The City
  • Have a ground-level outdoor space under your control where you can compost

Composting at Home can be done together with the Green Cart program. Things like meat, dairy and pet waste that can't go in the backyard composter can be put in the Green Cart.

Learn more about composting by reading our How To Videos and Resources information.

Composting at Home Pilot Program

72 per cent of the pilot program participants were still actively composting one year later. We trained 549 people to compost, and diverted about 38 tonnes of organic waste from the landfill. Composting at Home - Pilot Project final report (pdf)