Waste Management Master Plan Q&A Backgrounder

The Waste Management Master Plan sets goals to measure the success of future waste reduction, recycling, and diversion initiatives.

Information button to be used for Q&A Backgrounders (JPG)1. What is the goal of the Waste Management Master Plan?

The plan aims to reduce the per capita amount of waste sent to the landfill through waste reduction, recycling, and diversion initiatives. Council direction, public expectation of progressive environmental programs and services, and consistency with the Environmental Master Plan serves as the basis for the plan.

2. How much waste do we generate?

In 2011, nearly 75,000 tonnes of waste from Red Deer was disposed at the Red Deer Waste Management Facility. That translates to 812 kg per capita. By comparison, the Canadian average is 777 kg per capita, and the Alberta average is 1,122 kg per capita. Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste disposed at the landfill to 500 kg per capita by 2023.

3. Who is impacted by the plan?

Programs and services are available to commercial and residential users. The origin of Red Deer’s waste is composed of 63 per cent commercial, 30 per cent single-family residential, and seven per cent multi-family residential.

4. What is the timeline for implementing initiatives?

Once approved by Council, the detailed work plan will see staggered implementation of several initiatives over the next 10 years. A reduction in the number of garbage bags you can set out will likely be paired with an expanded plastics collection soon, while enhanced organics collection could be piloted in 2015.

5. How can the public provide feedback to the plan?

Mail your feedback to: Q & A Backgrounder, Environmental Services, P.O. Box 5008, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T4

6. How much will it cost?

The plan is an integrated one, which means some new services will be paired with others to find cost savings and maximize efficiencies. The budget will be more expensive in some years than in others, depending on what programs are implemented. Averaged over 10 years, the implementation of all proposed programs and services will increase the City’s Waste budget by 4.6 per cent.

View the full Waste Management Master Plan (pdf) .

For more information please contact:

Janet Whitesell
Waste Management Superintendent
Environmental Services
The City of Red Deer