Garbage Unit Limit

The waste limit is three units of garbage per household per week. A unit is a bag or can with a volume of 100 L or less and weighing less than 25 kg (55 lbs).

The move to a three unit limit

Three Bags of GarbageIn April 2016, Council approved a new residential waste limit reducing the number of bags or cans you can set out each week to three.

‌What if I have more than three units?

If you have more than the three garbage units, an extra tag will be required. Extra tags can be purchased for $1 each at:

Wrap a tag around the top of each extra bag.

You may also choose to deliver your extra garbage to the Waste Management Facility.

When Black Cart collection begins on May 6, 2019, The City of Red Deer will not be able to accept additional waste that doesn't fit inside your Black Cart. Extra waste tags will not be valid after May 5, 2019 and there will be no refunds for unused extra waste tags. Garbage placed beside or on top of your Black Cart will not be collected, even if it has an extra waste tag on it.

Buy only as many extra waste tags as you will use before Blue and Black Cart collection begins in May, 2019.

For more information, call the Blue Line at 403-340-BLUE (2583).