Heating, Plumbing and Gas

Find out when you need a heating, plumbing or gas permit and how to apply.


You’ll need a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) permit for any HVAC or hydronic heating work in your house.

Heating Permit Application Form (pdf)

Only a licensed heating contractor will be given a permit for new home HVAC work. 


If plumbing is already existing and you are attaching fixtures, a plumbing permit is not required. For any alterations or new plumbing, a permit is required.

Plumbing Permit Application (pdf)

Only a licensed plumbing contractor will be given a permit for new home plumbing work. You may do your own plumbing for any renovations or additions to existing plumbing as long as you are pre-approved to do so by one of the Plumbing Inspectors. To do this, a detailed schematic will have to be submitted for review.


You’ll need a gas fitting permit for any gas fitting work in your house.

Gas Permit Application Form (pdf)

Only a licensed gas fitting contractor will be given a permit.


You’ll need at least two safety code inspections during the course of your heating, plumbing, or gas installations.

  1. A rough-in inspection before concealing any work.
  2. A final inspection when the project is done.

You’ll need to fix any deficiencies brought up during the inspections. You may need follow-up inspections depending on how bad the deficiencies are, or written notification to your inspector of their completion.

You can schedule your inspection online using MyInspections.

For more information, call Inspections & Licensing at 403-342-8190 or visit us on the third floor of City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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