Map of Assessed Values

You can use the Assessed Value map in Web Map to compare the assessed value of your property with others in your neighbourhood or throughout the city.

Simply go to Web Map launch it, and follow these easy steps:

  • Wait for the Base map to display after launching Web Map.
  • On the left side of the screen under Themes you will see Assessment & Taxation.
  • Click on the + sign beside this heading.
  • A drop down appears displaying heading Assessed Value.
  • Click on Assessed Value until a diamond appears beside the words.
  • Now on the Right hand of the screen choose the search tool (binoculars) from the tool bar to open a pop-up box. Complete the address fields carefully, then click the Find button.
  • You will see the base map change to blocks of colour.
  • Minimize or close out of the pop-up box or move it to the side of the screen to see the map.
  • Your address will appear outlined with a red border.
  • Move your curser over the map to see assessed values for each single family property. To get assessed values for units in condominiums or trailer parks, hold your mouse over the brown-coloured area and left click to see a pop-up chart that lists the assessed values for all the units in the property.