Residential Request for Information

Residential Request for Information forms to residential customers who own single family homes within the city of Red Deer.

To meet the Provincial Government audit guidelines, and to assist in calculating fair valuation of all property, the assessment office must update recorded property characteristics at least once every five years.

One of the main methods currently used to update our records is periodic on-site inspections.  To help control costs, having city residents complete the "Residential Request for Information" form will assist the assessment office in determining a fair property assessment without having to increase staffing levels.

From time to time throughout the year, the assessment office will send out "Residential Request for Information" forms to a select area of Red Deer. If you have recently received a "Residential Request for Information" letter and form and require an additional form, please click on the link below.

Residential Request for Information (pdf)

This form applies to those residential customers who own single family homes in the city of Red Deer.

For more information or to leave comments about the request process call 403-342-8126 or email