Section 299-300 Assessment Information Request

As a property owner, you are entitled to see or receive sufficient information about your property and a summary of any assessment in accordance with sections 299 and 300 of the Municipal Government Act.

As a service to our ratepayers, we provide a number of online features and services to assist you in learning about your assessment. Below are a few of the resources we recommend looking at before beginning with this request:

  1. Review Your Assessment Notice – You can review your assessment notice to ensure:
    • Your name, address and school support are correct.
    • The property classification (residential, farmland, non-residential) correctly describes your property.
  2. Assessment Value and Property Characteristic Search - This search allows you to view basic assessment information relating to any residential property in the City. You may compare your assessment to the assessments of other properties similar in size, age, quality, condition and location. 
  3. Speak with an Assessor – If you require further clarification on your assessment value, please call The City of Red Deer’s Assessment Department at 403-342-8126 and ask to speak with an Assessor.
  4. If after completing the above steps you still feel the information provided is not sufficient, a 299 or 300 request can be made in writing directly to the Assessment department using the following forms:

2018 City of Red Deer - Section 299 Request for Information (pdf)
2018 City of Red Deer - Section 300 Request for Information (pdf)
2019 Agent Authorization Form (pdf)

Requests can be submitted in the following manner:

Attn: Maureen Cleary, AMAA | Acting City Assessor

In Person:
Attn: Maureen Cleary, AMAA | Acting City Assessor

Revenue & Assessment Services,
City Hall 4th Floor, 4914-48 Avenue


Attn: Maureen Cleary, AMAA | Acting City Assessor
Revenue & Assessment Services
Box 5008 Red Deer AB T4N 3T4

You can refer to section 299/300 of the Municipal Government Act for more information.