20 Ave Berm & Trail Project

The 20 Avenue Trail and Berm Project involves the construction of a new berm to act as a sound and visual barrier between residential areas and the future 20 Avenue and a new trail system to connect the neighbourhoods of east Red Deer.

The construction project was divided in two, with construction planned for the summer of 2016 and 2017. In 2016, the berm and trail were constructed along the future 20 Avenue from Highway 11 south to 32 Street. Summer of 2017 will see construction continue south from 32 Street to 19 Street. Once complete, the trail will run along the future 20 Avenue from Highway 11 to 19 Street, turning west and connecting to the existing trail at Vernon Avenue.

A blend of aspen and poplar trees will be planted on top of the berm in 2017 to allow time for the new trees to mature and grow in advance of the future 20 Avenue.

The long-term plan for 20 Avenue is to build a six-lane arterial road in east Red Deer; however, construction is dependent on development needs. The first stage will be to pave 20 Avenue as a two-lane roadway; this construction is not anticipated before 2021.