2018 Construction Projects

Construction season has arrived and projects are starting to pop up across the city. Schedules are always weather-dependent and could be subject to change without notice.

2018 Construction Projects: In Progress

40 Avenue (Spencer St to Selkirk Blvd)
road reconstruction

40 Avenue, from Spencer Street to Selkirk Boulevard, is scheduled for road reconstruction this year and construction is scheduled to start June 18.

The full road reconstruction will include replacing existing structure and repaving, as well as raising the elevation of the median to repair the slope of the northbound and southbound lanes. Construction will likely take about two months to complete.

This project is part of the Roads in Need program.

48 Avenue
road construction and power-line burial

Construction to bury the power lines along 48 Avenue between Ross (50) Street and 53 Street started July 3. 

This project will also see the sidewalk replaced and new street lights installed, providing a more pedestrian-friendly link to the new Gary W. Harris Celebration Plaza, which is set to open in November. 

City Council approved additional funding to bury the power lines during the mid-year budget review in August 2017 after determining removing overhead power lines would expand the potential uses of the Celebration Plaza. 

Construction is expected to be complete by mid-September.

67 Street / Johnstone Drive
roundabout centre and trail landscaping

Construction of the roadways is complete, but landscaping within the main roundabout centre circle and along boulevards and trails will be completed this season. Both lanes of traffic in the roundabout will remain open, but the truck apron will be closed while landscaping in the centre circle is in progress. Additional information is available on the 67 Street/Johnstone Drive Corridor Improvements page.

Are you comfortable driving in a roundabout? Learn the rules at roundabout.how.

Capstone at Riverlands
service installation and infrastructure development

Service installation and infrastructure development is underway for Red Deer's newest urban community, Capstone at Riverlands. 2018 projects include:

45 Street

Last year we completed the installation of underground utilities in this area and this year we’ll be back to finish building 45 Street, including the road surface, sidewalk, flex lanes (parking), street lighting, and trees. During construction, 45 Street will remain open for local access.

Alexander Way

On Alexander Way, which is a key gateway for Capstone, we’ll be installing some utilities and then rebuilding the road, including the road surface, sidewalks, flex parking lanes, street lighting, and landscaping. During construction, Alexander Way will close with detours in place.  

Entryway (Carnival Cinemas)

Work in this area will include installing sidewalks, streetlights and landscaping. Construction will not affect access to the cinema.

Canada 150 Square

Once built, Canada 150 Square will be a focal point in Capstone. Limited work will take place in 2018 with no traffic impacts.

South and North Riverwalk

A key natural feature of Capstone, the Riverwalk takes advantage of the natural features of the area. Some work will take place in 2018, but there won’t be any traffic impact; however, there will be trail closures.

View the updated Capstone construction information 

Downtown Sidewalks
repairs and replacements

As part of regular maintenance, our Public Works department inspects and maintains city sidewalks to provide safe and accessible transportation for pedestrians.

Sidewalk replacements and repairs are scheduled downtown on 49 Street from 46 Avenue to 48 Avenue, and on 49 Avenue from 43 Street to 55 Street this year.

Access to businesses and residences will remain open throughout construction, which will take place in May and June.

Upcoming 2018 Construction Projects

39 Street & Springbett Drive
sanitary line replacement

A sanitary line replacement may affect traffic at the corner of 39 Street and Springbett Drive for a few weeks this construction season. Further details will be provided as updates are available.

52 Street
water main replacement project

Environmental Services is planning to replace the water main along 52 Street between Little Gaetz (50 Avenue) and 48 Avenue. Lane closures and traffic impacts have not yet been identified. Construction is tentatively scheduled to start following completion of the Ross Street water main replacement.

Completed 2018 Construction Projects

19 Street / Taylor Drive
intersection upgrades

Upgrades to the 19 Street and Taylor Drive intersection began in 2017 in preparation for the Southpointe Junction development and as part of the future configuration for the Gaetz Avenue / Queen Elizabeth II Highway interchange. The new intersection has wider roads, additional turn lanes and new traffic lights, as well as concrete work within the intersection.

In 2018, the top layers of asphalt and permanent lane markings were completed. Construction of trails and landscaping will also be completed in 2018.

Click here for more information about the Highway 2/Gaetz Avenue interchange project.

Ross Street
water main replacement project

The Ross Street water main, originally dating back to 1935, was replaced with a new, more durable main. The project, which started in late April, resulted in lane closures along Ross Street between 46 Avenue and 49 Avenue, as well as temporary overland water supply for many local area businesses and residences. 

Major traffic impacts subsided in mid-July as the roadway was repaved, although minor repair work may continue.