67 Street/Johnstone Drive Corridor Improvements

67 Street and Orr Drive/Johnstone Drive is one of the busiest intersections in the city, and upgrades are needed to accommodate increased traffic in a safe way. A modern roundabout is the best option for this location as they are known to improve traffic flow and safety at high volume intersections like this one.
67th Orr Drive Roundabout Image

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Construction of the 67 Street and Johnstone Drive/Orr Drive roundabout and surrounding roadways will continue this season and is expected to begin in early May. Work will include:

  • Road reconstruction on 67 Street, between Golden West Avenue and the roundabout
  • Paving on parts of 66 Street, Orr Drive, Johnstone Drive and 67 Street
  • Permanent pavement markings
  • Permanent street lighting
  • Asphalt trails
  • Landscaping of boulevards and roundabout circles

Businesses will remain open throughout construction and detours will be in place to accommodate motorists. Much like last year, traffic will be maintained in all directions, but there will be lane restrictions and some turning movements will be restricted. Signage will be in place to help drivers navigate the detours and to direct them to businesses.

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What is a modern roundabout?

A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel in a counterclockwise direction around a central island. Drivers enter the roundabout by yielding to traffic already in the roundabout. No lane changes are needed as drivers choose their lane before entering the roundabout and exit at their street. 

There are several safety and operational benefits for roundabouts versus signalized intersections including:

  • Up to 80 per cent fewer injury and fatal accidents
  • Slower speeds resulting in a lower risk of serious vehicle collisions
  • Improved traffic flow and fewer delays
  • Accommodates higher traffic volumes

To become a roundabout expert and for more tips, visit roundabout.how.