Riverside Meadows & Fairview Infrastructure

Planning is underway for infrastructure upgrades in Fairview and Riverside Meadows.

The Fairview and Riverside Meadows Revitalization project was approved in principle as part of the Engineering Services’ 10-year Capital Plan for 2018, and annual budget requests will support a phased construction plan. 

This project is still in early planning stages, but the scope is expected to include:

  • Replacing underground utilities (water, sanitary and storm)
  • Road improvements
  • Sidewalk and trail upgrades
  • Streetscape improvements
  • Powerline burial in specific areas

This September and October, a contractor has been conducting a topographical survey to collect land data. In order to complete the survey, we need the street to be free of obstructions. As a result, throughout September and October, there have been temporary parking restrictions on neighbourhood streets.

Surveying is now complete in Fairview, and is expected to be complete in Riverside Meadows by October 12. We thank residents for their moving their vehicles and making this process run smoothly.