How it works

Four easy steps to be in the "snow" about residential plowing.
  1. Know your Snow Zone - Use the Know your Snow Zone map to find out what Snow Zone you live in. Knowing your Snow Zone is important because residential plowing will happen by Snow Zone.
  2. Know your Route - Now that you know your Snow Zone, you'll also need to know your Route. Most residents live on either a Green or Grey Route. Use the Know your Snow Zone map to find out if you live on a Green or Grey Route.
  3. Check the schedule - Plowing on residential streets begins once there is a 10 cm snow pack (approximately 30-40 cm snowfall). You can check the schedule and progress with:
    • The Snow Plowing Map
    • The Snow Zone hotline at 403-406-8796
    • Snow Zone specific text, emails or phone calls using Notify Red Deer
    • The City of Red Deer's Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Signage: For Green Routes, the red “No Parking” signs are still placed on streets approximately every 50m, at least 12 hours in advance of plowing; however individual Grey Route streets are no longer individually signed. Instead, large signs are placed at the entrances to neighbourhoods. The signs state the date that plowing on Grey Routes in a Snow Zone is beginning. This change in signage is in accordance to Traffic Bylaw 3186/A-2014 Section 25(1)c that states “…moveable signs to be placed on or near a roadway at the entrance to an area where on-street parking is temporarily suspended  due to road or snow plowing or removal activities at least 12 hours prior to the parking restrictions taking effect.”
  1. Remove your car from the street - To avoid being ticketed or towed, please remove your car from street from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. while your Snow Zone is being plowed. Plowing in Zone D (Downtown) will occur overnight from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.


A windrow is a pile of snow left at the side of the road after plowing.

Windrows Grey Routes

Grey Routes are surface plowed to a 5 cm snowpack, and like last year there will be windrows on both sides of the street. Front driveways on Grey Routes will be cleared by City crews. 

Residents have the option of hiring a private contractor to clear windrows from the street in front of their house. Private contractors must have a valid Use of Streets permit to clear snow from City property. Snow removed from the street can’t be placed back on the street or median, or on other City property (e.g., parks). It must either be placed on appropriate private property or taken to one of The City’s snow storage facilities (standard fees will apply).

See our Have a question? section for more information.

Windrows Green Routes

Windrows along Green Routes will be removed. Green Routes are collector routes, meaning they typically have higher traffic volumes and provide access from residential streets to arterial routes, transit routes and schools. Removing snow from Green Routes helps to keep traffic moving efficiently after a snowfall.

For more information about Snow Zones, windrows and parking, please see the Have a question? section.