Baby Strollers

  • We recommend strollers be lightweight, small in size and foldable.
  • Children should be removed from strollers and held safely in the arms of the caregiver.
  • Passengers choosing to leave children in strollers should:
    • Proceed to the wheelchair locations.
    • Raise the seats to expose the wheelchair area.
    • Park the stroller with the braking device applied.
    • When exiting the bus, the wheelchair area seats should be lowered as a courtesy to the next passenger.
  • Please note that passengers in wheelchairs have priority for the wheelchair areas. If passengers in wheelchairs wish to use the wheelchair area the passenger with the stroller should remove the child from the stroller, fold it and proceed to another seated area of the bus.

Assisting with Boarding of Strollers

Passengers requiring assistance when boarding with strollers should have a companion. Transit Operators may assist where possible upon request, unless circumstances prevent them from doing so.

Rush Hour and Busy Routes (Crowded Buses)

During busier times, where overcrowding exists, Transit Operators have the right to refuse customers with unfolded strollers.