Pets on Board

Certified Service Animals

Certified service animals accompanying a visually, hearing, or medically challenged person are permitted on City Transit buses (this includes Action buses). There is no additional charge for certified service animals.

Pets on Board

Small dogs and cats may be allowed on board if the following apply:

  • They are contained in fully enclosed, clean, hand held crates appropriate to the animal's size.
  • Their crate has a solid bottom to contain any animal waste.
  • The crate is small enough to fit in the owners lap.
  • Only one hand held crate per passenger allowed.
  • Passengers are responsible for their pets and must hold onto crates at all times. If there is room on the bus, crates may be placed on the floor beside the owner without blocking the aisle or other passengers.

Pets may be refused if they misbehave or pose a health or safety risk. Concerns with allergies are minimized when pets are contained in crates, which reduces the spread of dander. If a passenger with pet allergies notifies the driver of a problem, the passenger carrying a pet on board may be placed in a different location on the bus.

The above restrictions do not apply to Assistant/Service Dogs.