Managing your dog(s)

Use MyPayments to renew a dog license. Use MyDogs to request a dog license for a new dog, replace a dog tag, apply for spay/neuter reduction, or remove a dog.

Renew your existing dog license as is:

If you want to renew your existing dog license by paying the amount listed on your renewal statement, launch MyPayments.

You will need your account number and access code from your dog license renewal notice.

Launch MyPayments

Register a new dog, replace a dog tag, or make changes to your dog license:

If you need to make changes to your dog licenses, you will need to launch MyDogs

Use MyDogs to:

  • register a new dog
  • replace a dog tag
  • apply a spay/neuter reduction fee to an existing dog
  • remove one or more dogs from your account

Launch MyDogs