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August 1 - September 26, 2017

Taylor Bootsma

Taylor Bootsma Fighting Fish

Artist Statement - The pieces I have chosen to display are all basic graphite drawings that I have completed in the past year. I selected my chosen pieces to be displayed because I believe that they represent my dedicated work ethic and artistic skill. Each piece I produce I am fully invested in, and I believe that these pieces show my hard work and dedication to the arts.

My main influence and the one which I base my pieces on is the beauty in nature and in life. I feel that with art I can capture this beauty, as it if were a transparent thought, and make it tangible. My inspiration surrounds me each day; I believe that even in the finest moments of life beauty can be found: the sharp curve of a captivating face’s cheek bone; the alluring eyes of a passing stranger; the feeling of isolation and inessentiality as you stand amongst living organisms that stretch 50 feet past your head; the simple gold fish within his own solitude, or the wispy white smoke that when released from your lungs leaves a trail of fog that stretches into the night. 

Beauty is everywhere and it is my goal as an artist not just to capture it but to draw attention to even the most simple things in life. I do not believe that my artwork will ever play a dominant role in my life, however I also believe that it will always be a part of me and I hope that I can use it to inspire others just as well as myself in times of difficulty.


Natalie Elgersma

Natalie Elgersma Bubble and butterfly

Artist Statement - Through a wide variety of techniques and subjects, my work often consists of both photography, and digital artwork. I enjoy combining the two art forms to give my pieces a sense of naturally-occurring absurdity, while maintaining a simplistic environment. My work often resembles images from a childlike imagination, and evokes feelings of curiosity, perplexity, as well as serenity. I use photography as a way of expressing my own creativity, and also to highlight the elegance found in nature.



Monday to Friday 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
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Sunday 12 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed for stat holidays.

Facilitated by The City of Red Deer Culture Services and featuring the work of local emerging and established artists, the Corridor Community Gallery is located on the lower level of the Recreation Centre (4501 - 47A Avenue). Exhibits are changed bi-monthly. 


Call to Artists:

Are you interested in showing your artwork in the Corridor Community Gallery? Please contact us at 403-309-4617 or culturemailbox@reddeer.ca 

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July 4 - August 31, 2017

The artist members of the Viewpoint Gallery present a themed group exhibit:  

Unlikely Partners

Erin Boake, painting                                                                   Brian McArthur, ceramic sculpture
Titled: Wheat Pool                                                                        Titled: Rabbit Stew

Rabbit stew

Swimmer diving into wheat field











Other artists with pieces on display:
Darren Petersen, cast glass and metal
Dawn Candy, pottery
Arto Djerdjerian, photography
Andrew Glazebrook, wood sculpture

The Viewpoint Gallery is located in the Culture Services Centre (3827-39 Street, Red Deer) 
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (closed from noon - 1 p.m.)

For more information on the gallery and member artists visit Viewpoint Gallery.

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