Firewood in City Parks

Effective 2014, The City no longer provides free firewood in parks. However, residents can bring their own firewood to build a fire in designated areas.

The change was made in the budget for the following reasons

  • It will save an estimated $40,000 annually from the operating budget
  • It’s hoped to reduce the number of large fires, which in the past have caused major damage to picnic shelters
  • The system was often misused, with approximately 30 per cent of wood being stolen from parks sites
  • Most municipalities and provincial campgrounds do not offer free firewood in parks

Park users may bring their own firewood

  • Park users should not bring elm for their fires, in order to minimize the spread of Dutch Elm Disease
  • Park users are encouraged to purchase firewood from local suppliers including several retailers or Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Fort Normandeau, to reduce the risk of introducing tree pests
  • Park users are also prohibited from cutting down branches or using deadwood found in parks. Using deadwood to make a fire interferes with the natural processes in our parks. Dead and decaying trees protect our soil, water, and wildlife habitat.