July 2016 RCMP News Archive

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Red Deer RCMP conduct Clearview search warrant after fire call – Update #1

July 7, 2016 9:37 AM

Red Deer, Alberta – Red Deer RCMP seized a number of chemicals and suspicious materials during a search of a Clearview apartment that lasted almost 24 hours and involved support from two specialized RCMP units, Red Deer fire and EMS, and consultation with Alberta Health Services to ensure the continuous safety of the public.

Red Deer RCMP were called to the apartment on July 3 after Red Deer firefighters saw what appeared to be suspicious materials in the apartment, consistent with a clandestine drug lab. The Red Deer RCMP GIS section worked with members of the Priority Crimes Task Force and the K Division Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) team and entered the apartment the evening of July 5 with a search warrant. Police seized more than 150 items from the apartment and are sending numerous unknown chemicals and substances to the Health Canada lab for analysis. Those results will determine the next stages of the investigation.

The CLEAR team immediately assessed the apartment on their arrival and determined there was no public safety risk; however, police took the extra precaution of evacuating neighbouring units that shared walls with the apartment while its contents were assessed and unknown chemicals and substances were removed and sampled for further evaluation. Red Deer EMS and fire staff also remained on scene for the duration of the search.

During the search, the K Division Explosives Deployment Unit (EDU) was consulted and attended to inspect and remove a suspicious item from the location. There was no safety risk to residents or the public during this process.

Police officers cleared the apartment shortly before 5 pm on July 5, concluding a search that took almost 24 hours. A hazardous material removal team remained on scene after the search was concluded to remove and safely dispose of any materials that had been deemed unsafe to be returned to the apartment.

At this point in the investigation, charges have not been laid and the resident of the apartment is not in custody; the investigation continues and charges will be laid if and when chemical analysis of the seized substances indicates the apartment was being used as a clandestine drug lab.

RCMP thank the neighbours for their patience during the search. RCMP will issue an update as more information becomes available.


Media contact:
Sgt. Eric McKenzie
Red Deer RCMP


July 4, 2016

Red Deer RCMP conduct Clearview search warrant after fire call

Red Deer, Alberta – Red Deer RCMP will be conducting a judicially authorized search warrant this evening at a Clearview apartment after a fire call at 11:45 pm last night revealed suspicious activity in the apartment.

The building on Cardinal Avenue was safely evacuated last night and no one was injured after a pot left on the stovetop overflowed, resulting in excessive smoke; Red Deer Emergency Services called RCMP to attend the scene after viewing what firefighters felt were suspicious materials in the apartment. RCMP contained the apartment last night and throughout the day today while applying for a search warrant, and will begin searching a single apartment within the building this evening once the warrant is approved. Members conducting the search will be wearing protective clothing, but there is no safety risk to the public.

RCMP continue to investigate and ask the public to please give them room to work; police will release an update as more information becomes available.


Media contact:
Red Deer RCMP