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Red Deer RCMP warn public of door to door salespeople

July 26, 2016 3:32 PM

Red Deer, Alberta – Red Deer RCMP are warning the public to take precautions when dealing with door to door salespeople after receiving complaints of citizens facing high-pressure sales tactics from companies that do not have a business license to sell in Red Deer.

RCMP have received numerous complaints about salespeople using high pressure sales tactics while attempting to sell furnaces door to door. Some callers have reported that these salespeople claim to have an affiliation with The City of Red Deer, and others report that the salespeople have claimed that an inspection of the homeowner’s furnace is “mandatory.”

“All businesses must also have a business license to legally offer services door to door in Red Deer,” says Angie Keibel, Development & Licensing Supervisor for The City of Red Deer Inspections & Licensing. “We encourage residents to ask business representatives to show their identification and business licenses before engaging with them. Alternatively, residents can call Inspections & Licensing to confirm if a business is licensed to operate in Red Deer.”

RCMP offer these tips to protect yourself when dealing with door to door salespeople:

  • Ask to see their licenses and identification.
  • Never provide personal information (bank account information, SIN, date of birth, credit card numbers or PIN) at the door or over the phone, unless you have initiated the business relationship.
  • Do background research on businesses or charities to ensure they are reputable before giving them any money or any personal information.
  • Do not let people at your door pressure you to make an immediate decision – if it’s a legitimate offer, it will still be there tomorrow.
  • Be aware that offers of “free” inspections are usually an attempt to get into your home and are a lead up to a sales pitch – often an aggressive one.
  • Do your homework on the topic before you commit to anything; check other businesses to compare prices.
  • Do not let strangers into your home unless they have displayed all the proper business and City of Red Deer paperwork; even then, it is always your right to refuse to allow them entry.
  • If someone is in your home and refusing to leave, call the RCMP complaint line at 403-343-5575.

Please also be aware that The City of Red Deer requires homeowners to get permits before beginning certain renovations. For all work requiring permits, homeowners should go the extra mile to ensure the proper permits have been pulled by asking to see the contractor’s permit or calling Inspections & Licensing at 403-342-8190.

Click here for more information on business licenses and City of Red Deer renovation permits. Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more information on scams and frauds.


Media contact:
Cst. Derek Turner
Red Deer RCMP

Communications & Strategic Planning
The City of Red Deer