Community Workers and Community Facilitators

In each partner municipality, FCSS supports an FCSS Community Worker(s) and/or a Community Facilitator(s).

Community Workers

Through a variety of approaches, the FCSS Community Workers provide direct services to the community or empower the local community to take action on broader community social matters.  They also act as an information and referral agent to ensure that residents are connected with appropriate social services within the region.

Community Facilitators

The Community Facilitators, on the other hand, are rarely involved in direct service provision.  Instead, they focus on convening, or contributing to, broad based community social issues that are not owned by any one single agency.  For example, current projects include:

  • Building neighbourhood strength in Red Deer’s downtown.
  • Working with community partners on the drug and alcohol strategy initiative.
  • Convening interested partners in the discussion around the oil and gas sector and its impact on families.

These initiatives may require a wide variety of strategies including increased awareness, information and referral, connection of existing services, changes to service, or policy changes. Often advocacy at varying levels of government is part of the strategy.