Timberlands Lots

Single Detached, Carriage Home and Wide-Shallow lots are available for purchase.
Lot Types
Learn about the different lot types offered in Timberlands.

Single Detached Lots (R1)

The single detached residential offers single-family units on well-proportioned lots. These units are generally two storeys with a garage accessed from the street. The house is set back a short distance from the property line (min 3 m, max 4.5 m), with the garage set back a minimum of 6 metres.

Carriage Homes (R1C)

Carriage homes offer a detached garage accessed from the rear lane, with a self- contained secondary dwelling unit located on the second level. Each home will have a small private rear yard between the main house and the detached garage. The main residence will also allow for an attached garage in addition to the rear detached garage.

The secondary unit can provide space above for extended family members or act as a rental property for the homeowner in the principal residence. The carriage house will be required to provide an off-street parking space for the resident.

Note: building a Carriage House on a Carriage House Lot is optional

Wide-Shallow Lots (R1WS)

As the name suggests, Wide-Shallow lots are wider in width and shallower in depth than traditional lots. This allows for homes that are closer to the street and offer a more engaging design for both homeowners and passersby. The design allows for features such as larger living areas, shorter hallways, wider backyards, larger entrances and windows, and garages integrated in to the house’s facade.

Lot Payment & Building Commitments
Ready to Buy? Learn how to purchase your lot and start building your dream home.

Proponents obtaining an individual lot will follow The City’s standard land sales agreement process. As always, you cannot re-sell, transfer, subdivide or assign the property without consent from The City.

Application Fees

The Application Fee is $5,000 and is payable at time of lot selection. This fee will act as a deposit for the due performance of the Buyer and The City will be entitled to retain the fee.
If purchaser fails to close on their lot, this deposit may be retained by The City.

Security Deposit

The security deposit ensures the buyer adheres to their commitments within the sales agreement. The deposit is $10,000 per lot and is due on the Closing Date. The deposit, which includes Architectural Controls, is refundable upon completion of the Land Sales Agreement obligations.

Closing Date

The Closing Date is 60 calendar days from the Agreement Date. If the date falls on a weekend, it moves to the following Monday.

Commence Construction

Proponent has 12 months from the Closing Date to commence construction.

Complete Construction

The City no longer has a completion deadline.

Payment of Lot(s)

Full payment is due at Closing. No building permits will be issued until payment is received and title is transferred.

Sample Agreements

These sample agreements have been provided to allow for interested parties to review. Please note they are not official.

Single Lot Land Sales Agreement (pdf)

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To learn more about site coverage, frontages and parking requirements of Timberlands North lots, view the Land Use Bylaw 3357/2006 - Part 4 - Residential Districts and Regulations (pdf)