Community Working Collaborative

City Administration is seeking members for a new Downtown Identity Plan Community Working Collaborative.


Through the course of the work to be undertaken in 2021, consultants and staff will work with all stakeholders, business and community leaders to come together to produce a forward-thinking, future-shaping plan that envisions a new downtown place. Ultimately, the resulting plan will present a crystal-clear sense of what makes downtown Red Deer special and should be socialized and informed by public consultation and engagement.

Goal Statement:

To develop a strategic downtown identity plan to align collective visioning and strategic planning initiatives identifying targeted actions for both The City and Community. 


This committee is expected to be in place for six to nine months.


The City is currently building this new committee and all positions are open for application.


Meetings will be held bi-weekly or as required at 5 p.m.

Committee Information:

Downtown Identity Plan Community Working Collaborative - Terms of Reference (pdf)

Fillable application form:

Downtown Identity Plan Community Working Collaborative - Application Form (pdf)

This committee is not a Council Committee, but instead will report to the project co-leads within City Administration.