Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (RARB) is a quasi-judicial board that adjudicates assessment complaints in a court like setting within the authority of the Municipal Government Act. The Panel is made up of one or more Board members that will hear assessment complaints and make fair and impartial decisions based on the evidence presented.

The RARB will hear complaints (appeals) relating to Property Assessments:

  • Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB)
    • Multi-Family (4 units or more)
    • Non-Residential (Commercial) properties
  • Local Assessment Review Board (LARB)
    • Single Family Residential
    • Farmland

Board Member recruitment takes place October to November each year.

  • Members are appointed by the Designated Officer after the recommendations are reviewed from the Nomination Review Committee typically by January 1 of the upcoming year.
  • Members are expected to be available throughout the year while hearings are ongoing, March through December.
  • Successful candidates will have:
    • backgrounds in property assessment, real estate, legal or valuation, etc.
    • professional or legal writing abilities
    • critical thinking
    • willingness to debate
    • experience serving on administrative boards or quasi-judicial boards
  • Flexible schedule with availability during the day is required in order attend training and hearings.
    • members are typically scheduled for 1-5 days (more or less depending on the complexity of the issues)
    • schedules are sent out the month prior based on availability of our Members
    • you may be scheduled one or more hearings per month, however there may be times where you are not scheduled at all
  • Those interested in applying do not need formal training to apply but will have an interest in property assessment. Members will receive mandated training provided by Municipal Affairs in accordance with the regulations.
    • New Member training must be successfully completed
    • Refresher training must be successfully completed every three years thereafter
    • In addition to the mandated training requirements Members receive ongoing training workshops and development throughout their term
  • Members are paid remuneration for their time spent on hearings or training activities however they are independent members of a quasi-judicial board therefore not employees of The City of Red Deer.

For more information, please contact the Regional Assessment Review Board:

Phone: 403-342-8132