2015 Budget and Annual Financial Report

The 2015 capital budget and 10 year capital plan were both approved by City Council on Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

2015 Capital Budget and 2015-2024 Capital Plan

The budget is a complicated process. These documents help to explain the capital budget process:

There are a variety of capital projects on the books for 2015:

2015 Operating Budget

Red Deer City Council approved The City’s 2015 operating budget in January. The 2015 capital budget was approved on November 25, 2014. 

Since early 2014, the operating budget has gone through an extensive review process. The proposed budget is based on Council’s Strategic Plan and initiatives in City department service plans. City Council’s Strategic Plan identifies three themes for administration to focus on: dialogue, community amenities and financial leadership.

These overviews can help to explain the operating budget process.

2015 Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report provides an overview of The City’s financial position and financial activities for a particular year. The report includes the consolidated financial statements for the City of Red Deer, prepared in accordance with the standards established by the Public Sector Accounting Board of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, and audited by independent external auditors. The financial statements and auditors’ report satisfy a legislative reporting requirement as set out in the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.

2015 City of Red Deer Annual Financial Report (pdf)

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