Great Chief Park

  • Budget 2016 - Great Chief ParkThe Great Chief Park Enhancement Plan was adopted by Council in 2012 and outlines the priorities to preserve the aging infrastructure and align short-term and long-term needs of the facility.
  • Great Chief Park provides recreation and sport amenities for over 36 different types of user groups.
  • Great Chief Park enhancements were also approved through the 2015 Capital Budget relative to the 2019 Canada Winter Games. These enhancements were proposed in the 2012 Great Chief Park Enhancement Plan. Highlights related to the enhancements to GCP as part of the Games include:
  • Ability to extend the season of the park to 12 months
  • The Football field will be redeveloped to accommodate an artificial turf in the spring through fall and a Long Track speed skating oval in the winter months
  • Great Chief Park is a very successful park that is home to many sports teams and leagues and supports the recreational activities of thousands of Red Deer citizens and visitors on an annual basis.
  • The Great Chief Park Enhancement Plan from 2012 details a full list of recommended improvements to the site that would meet the needs of our growing community.
  • Great Chief Park will be used for Long Track Speed Skating at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Project overview

  • construction of a patio area for the existing concession
  • installation of artificial turf to provide a longer playing season and enhanced level of service for football
  • construction of a national level long track speed skating oval
  • construction of a spectator/athletes building that includes change rooms, meeting/flexible space and a media tower

Budget Requirements, Council Decision Points and Funding Sources

On day two of the 2016 capital budget debate on November 25, Council approved a request for an additional $3,095,000. The cost for this project will be funded from the Capital Project Reserve.