River Bend Recreation Area

Enhancements and Preservation

  • Budget 2016 - River BendIn the 2014 Community Amenities prioritization process, The River Bend Golf and Recreation Area (RBGRA) was identified as a community priority.
  • The RBGRA was developed in 1987 as part of the Waskasoo Park system. The land and amenities are owned by The City, while the operation is managed through an agreement with the not-for-profit River Bend Golf and Recreation Society (RBGRS).
  • Approximately 58 per cent of the 520 acres is allotted to the golf course, while 42 per cent is related to non-golf amenities.

Project Overview

Discovery Canyon, located in the RBGRA is one of Red Deer’s most popular outdoor water features and will undergo extensive renovations in 2016 to modernize and enhance the seasonal water park. Discovery Canyon will re-open in 2017.

  • The 2016 enhancement work includes expanding the current parking lot, revitalizing Discovery Canyon (repair and renovate stream bed, improve access to the lower portion of the stream, improve accessibility to Discovery Canyon and enhance and expand the beach and playground areas).
  • The 2016 preservation work includes septic system replacement, entrance road and parking lot resurfacing, mini links preservation, equipment and residence.

Budget Requirements, Council Decision Points and Funding Sources

During day one of the 2016 capital budget debate on November 24, Council approved the following funding requests:

Preservation Work
(total of $2,046,000)
Septic system replacement $1,038,000
Entrance road and parking lot resurfacing $814,000
Mini links preservation $41,000
Equipment $153,000

On day two of budget deliberations on November 25, Council approved the following funding requests.

Enhancement Work
(total of $3,510,000)
Current parking lot expansion $270,000
Revitalizing Discovery Canyon $3,240,000