Riverlands Redevelopment - Riverwalk

  • Budget 2016 - RiverwalkThe redevelopment of the Riverlands District is underway, as a result of the City of Red Deer’s Greater Downtown Action Plan (GDAP) adopted by Council in 2009, and the Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan, approved in 2011.
  • The vision for Riverlands is to create a one of a kind riverfront neighbourhood that will seamlessly blend the area’s natural features with living spaces, shopping, restaurants and gathering spaces - all in the heart of downtown Red Deer.
  • The Riverlands site currently consists of City-owned land and privately-owned land, which is a mix of commercial and residential development. The City owns approximately 25 acres of developable land that will be made available for sale in the future through an open tender process. Over the next 15 to 20 years, we will be working with developers to create a landmark mixed use neighbourhood.

Project Overview

The Riverwalk is a critical piece of the overall development of the Riverlands District and is at the connection point of Alexander Way, Riverland’s main street, and the Red Deer River. The development of the Riverwalk will support future development and will be a unique and significant public gathering amenity in our Greater Downtown. It will serve as the urban interface of the Waskasoo Trail System. This initiative will provide detailed planning and begin construction of a riverwalk with pedestrian connections, a multi-functional outdoor gathering space, and design elements such as seating areas, lighting and landscaping.

Budget Requirements, Council Decision Points and Funding Sources

During day one of the 2016 capital budget deliberations on November 24, Council approved $1,734,000 for the Riverwalk project with funding from the Province of Alberta’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant.