Transportation improvements

  • Budget 2016 - TransportationTransportation throughout Red Deer is a key priority for The City.
  • In the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan, one of Council’s themes included Movement, which is how we design for and facilitate integrated movement in our community.
  • As Red Deer grows, The City must accommodate the increase in traffic which not only encompasses new infrastructure, but maintaining and replacing current infrastructure.

Project Overview

There are multiple major projects being considered in the 2016 capital budget. The largest ones are as follows:

  • Northland Drive – needed to provide major road access to new residential and commercial development in the northeast quadrant of the city and to provide connections to major employment areas in the city’s northwest area. Construction will be staged over a number of years spanning 2011-2025+. In 2016, the roundabout at 67 Street and 30 Avenue will be completed.
  • Alexander Way Phase 3 – part of the redevelopment of the Riverlands District as part of The City of Red Deer’s Greater Downtown Action Plan (GDAP) and the Riverlands Area Redevelopment Plan. In 2016, the completion of the Alexander Way connection from Taylor Drive to the River Plaza will be initiated. It will include the roadway as well as public realm and pedestrian amenities as the main street of Riverlands.
  • South East Sector Transportation Improvements – rebuilding of 19 Street from Gaetz Avenue to 40 Avenue.
  • Crown Paving – construction needs for mid-life cycle roads and lanes improvements. Initial short term surface repairs such as spray patching, crack sealing and pothole fixes are initiated prior to crown paving.
  • 67 Street Corridor Improvements – widening of lanes, turning lanes and overall infrastructure work will take place just east of QEII on 67 Street.
  • Roadway Reconstruction – repairs and restorations of roadways at the end of their life cycles to enhance future roadway life expectancy by addressing key factors affecting structural performance.

Budget Requirements, Council Decision Points and Funding Sources

During day one of the 2016 capital budget deliberations, Council approved the following:

Project Amount Funding Sources
Northland Drive No new funding is being requested at this time for this project N/A
Alexander Way Phase 3 (GDAP - Growth) $5,100,000 Capital Project Reserves and MSI

South East Sector Transportation Improvements

**approved subject to an implementation plan, that outlines phasing, being brought back to Council prior to the end of June 2016**

$12,216,000 MSI
Crown Paving $7,583,000 Capital Project Reserves, MSI and Federal Gas Tax Fund (FGTF) and other revenue
67 Street Corridor Improvements $6,617,000 Tax supported debt
Roadway Reconstruction $5,670,000 Capital Project Reserves and MSI