G.H. Dawe Site Enhancements

Twin Ice Surface and Spray Park

Highlightsphoto of a boy playing in the spray park

  • This briefing note is an update on G.H. Dawe Enhancements that support the G.H. Dawe Site Master Plan Study.
  • Enhancements, including the addition of a spray park and an additional ice surface are scheduled to begin as part of the 2019 Capital Plan.

Project Overview

  • In 2019, The City will begin to work with community groups to build a business and concept plan to explore twin ice surfaces at the G.H. Dawe Centre. Based on the Ice Study completed in 2016, The City will require additional ice surfaces within the next ten years and recommended that the G.H. Dawe be considered the location for the next new facility.
  • There is a placeholder in the 2023 Capital Budget for the design for the modernization of the current arena plus an additional ice surface with construction to commence in 2024.
  • There is also a placeholder in for the design and construction of a spray park at the G.H. Dawe Centre site in 2023 and 2024, which will be constructed simultaneously.
  • The demand for preschool programming is steadily increasing and it is anticipated that by 2020 additional space will be required. There is a placeholder budget in 2020 to accommodate increased space for pre-school programming.

Budget Requirements, Funding Sources and Council Decision Points

Council will be asked to adopt a Capital Plan in principle that includes the enhancement details for the G.H. Dawe Community Centre. In 2017, Council will consider this as a placeholder only.