North Red Deer Community Centre

Highlightsmap of North Red Deer Community Centre

  • A regional community centre will be built in north Red Deer adjacent to the Glendale Skate Park.
  • The scope and vision of the community centre is to address the community amenity needs of north Red Deer with multi-purpose spaces, meeting/programming rooms, small kitchen areas, and an indoor playspace.
  • The community centre was developed based on community amenity consultation, and the community will continue to be involved in the later stages of planning.
  • Depending on a number of factors, the projected opening is the fall of 2018.

Project Overview

  • The North Red Deer Community Centre will be a multi-purpose facility that will serve the northwest quadrant of the city, specifically the neighbourhoods of Normandeau, Aspen Heights, Glendale, Kentwood, Kingsgate, Johnstone Park and Johnstone Crossing, while also being open to all in the community.
  • In the 2014 Community Amenities prioritization process, this project was identified as a priority.
  • A traffic impact assessment, business plan, and operational model have been developed.
  • Detailed design is currently underway with construction projected to begin in the spring of 2017.
  • The contemplated size of the facility is approximately 20,000 sq. ft. that would include a gathering area for a minimum of 250 people.
  • Community and stakeholder discussions and engagement related to this project have been underway since 2010 and focused on confirming the need and exploring the vision for a district-level community centre.

Budget Requirements and Council Decision Points

Council approved an $8,843,000 multi-year budget for this facility in 2015. There are no further funds required for Council to consider.

Funding Sources

Funding for this project came from Tax Supported Debt and Recreation Amenity Fund.