Taylor Drive Intersection Improvements

HighlightsPhoto of road construction

  • Significant road and development projects are underway in the south end of Red Deer, including:
    • Alberta Transportation’s Gaetz Avenue / Taylor Drive and Highway 2 Interchange Improvements project; the project is anticipated to be largely complete by the end of 2018.
    • Development of the initial stages of SouthPointe Junction (private development), including construction of the new intersection along Taylor Drive between 19 Street and 22 Street.
  • As a result of these projects, intersection upgrades are needed at Taylor Drive and 19 Street, coordinating both with Alberta Transportation’s work on the Gaetz Avenue / Taylor Drive and Highway 2 Interchange Improvements project and Southpointe Junction’s developer.

Project Overview

  • Coordination of the design of three projects, in conjunction with the work funded by the province and the private developer:
    1. Addition of the “loop ramp” connecting the future Highway 2 northbound collector-distributor roadway to the intersection of Taylor Drive & 19 Street (part of Alberta Transportation’s interchange improvement project);
    2. Intersection improvements at Taylor Drive & 19 Street required as part of the Southpointe Junction development, including dual southbound left-turn lanes (paid for by the developer); and
    3. Additional intersection improvements to be coordinated by the Government of Alberta and constructed by of The City.

Budget Requirements, Funding Source and Council Decision Points

ProjectAmountFunding Source
Taylor Drive – intersection improvements (project 3) $2,904,000 Long term debt – for City component of project 3

$153,300 was approved at 2016 mid-year budget for design.